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Greetings from Olga and Ivan Chichirko from Saint-Petersburg, Russia!

Our obsession with this breed started back in 2009 when we got our first siberian who promptly flipped our life (and apartment) upside down. Two years later in 2011 our prefix was registered and it was official. Since then this breed helped us to meet and become friends with a great number of fantastic people and taught us so much. Our puppies live all over the world both as family pets and show dogs.


Our dogs live both indoors as a part of our family and outdoors, they are also around kids a lot, so puppies usually grow up convinced that tiny humans are the best thing ever because theres treats falling off them all the time. 


Sound movement and balanced structure are very important to us. In our breeding we honor the breed standard and aim at producing healthy sound animals that love all kinds of activities and have personalities one enjoys living with. We don't have puppies all the time since we breed for ourselves. We do not breed for color.

The majority of our puppies go to pet homes and a small number of show prospects go to people we already know. We prefer active families since siberians are an athletic breed and being a couch potato isnt really their thing, they need to have both their mind and body occupied (they would still happily couch potato as a part time job though).
If you are not familiar with the breed, you should watch this brief introduction. And if you are still here after watching it: note that it doesn't apply to all dogs, but you still should be prepared for all of it.

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